Bitcoin Gambling Spend vs. Bitcoin Value

How does the value of Bitcoin affect a Gambler’s attitude towards Bitcoin Gambling?

While the price of Bitcoin has experienced vigorously shifting trends over the past months, users of the popular cryptocurrency have been closely following the initial ‘cool-off’ phase of the volatile period. Similarly, Bitcoin gambling operators have been eager to find out about the change in players’ mindset during the times of unpredictable shift in value. Further to the point – do you feel a change in perception of Bitcoin’s value while visiting a bitcoin gambling site for some therapeutic rounds of your favorite provably fair slot game?
Bitcoin Gambling includes dice games

Bitcoin Dice Games have been increasingly growing in Popularity.

Do players keep track of expenditure while partaking in Bitcoin Gambling?

Similarly to FIAT currencies, Bitcoin is generally just as much hard work to get hold of, due to it’s ever increasing value as a virtual asset. Arguably, one of the biggest dilemmas of Bitcoin users is whether to spend or not to spend their hard earned BTC. The field of basic human psychology provides us with the assumption that we let loose while not handling actual cash, in comparison to credit cards or other forms of electronic payments.
Due to this trend, it has been statistically proven that Bitcoin Gamblers tend to let go of their coins much easier as opposed to FIAT gamblers. While there is nothing wrong with this, at BCL we would like to simply remind all players reading this article to carefully consider monitoring their Bitcoin budget, should it be linked to every day Financials that may affect one’s personal life.
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