Bitcoin Gambling Hits 1 Million Bets – Bitcoin Casino List Report

Over 1 Million Bets made at Bitcoin Casinos – March 2017

Bitcoin is still making waves in the gambling world - Bitcoin Casino List ™

April 2017 – Bitcoin is still making gigantic waves in the gambling industry, the only way is up. – Bitcoin Casino List ™

March has marked a memorable moment for both bitcoin gambling operators as well as bitcoin casino advocates. The industry as a whole accounted for a tremendous first Quarter of 2017, therefore really showcasing the popularity of the number one cryptocurrency in gambling as a whole. While looking at a bitcoin casino list, many are left confused when trying to choose a casino to go with.

Finding a top bitcoin casino has never been easy, until now anyway. With dozens of new bitcoin casinos attempting to penetrate the scene daily, players are flooded with choice, but no information. Most platforms have a variety of game providers with some of the best bitcoin casino games in terms of slots, cards and more, moreover some incredibly generous bonus packages. When creating a bitcoin casino list, the first and most important thing is variety, even though the competition is tough.

What is causing the list of Bitcoin Casinos to grow?

There are plenty of reasons as to why people are switching to bitcoin casinos. Firstly, Provably Fair is a term likely unheard of in the FIAT (normal currency) gambling world, whereas in bitcoin gambling it’s enablement is becoming an utmost necessity. By doing so, these businesses reserve themselves a place on the top bitcoin casino list on multiple review sites, rating sites as well as forums. Ensuring fair play with a fair house edge is key. By sticking to this ethos, casinos are experiencing higher levels of loyalty than ever.

Although the traditional house names in online casino/online gambling appear to have a strangely safe appeal, they are falling behind in the technology department. Similarly to the rest of the tertiary industry, online gambling has also reached a point of heavy competition in UX and UI to create the best experience for regulars. Bitcoin gambling sites are a prime example in this instance; comparing the average bitcoin casino to the average operator, one will see a visibly increasing gap. With all advocates’ hope placed into this beloved virtual currency, we all genuinely hope it carries on thriving and serving the gamblers of today in such flawless manor.

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